May. 17th, 2006

Here we are, on day two of our continuing coverage of Mr. Thudnk, sponsored by Karl Marx's left nostril.

...Yes, he's back, and still at it. So, what happened now? Well, early this morning, our feathered windowbasher returned. Now, I thought he was persistent before, but today he showed just how obsessed he was. Alright, so bright and early, he starts attacking the window. *THUDNK ... THUDNK ... THUDNK* Now, by this point, it was just getting ridiculous. First thing we did was to open the window, hoping he wouldn't see his reflection. Failure:
Ah, where'd you go? I know you're around here somewhere. *flutter-flutter* AH-HA! There you are! KAMIKAZE! *THUDNK*
Alright, so that didn't work. By now, we'd had quite enough of this, so we went right to the root of the problem. Well, not so much the root as the branch. A quick snip with the branch-cutters and problem solved, right? Nope:
Aiiieee! Where's my branch? I loved that branch. I was going to call it Carl. Ah well, this one here works just as well. Now, where was I? Ah, yes. I AM BECOME BIRD, DESTROYER OF WINDOWS!
So, a short bit later, and snippity-do-da goes the other branch. It seemed we'd solved our problem at last! Until around ten o'clock this morning, that is. We were finishing breakfast when from the dining room came the infamous THUDNK:
First Carl, and now Phil! Damn you! You can take my branches, but you'll never take my freedom! CHIIIIIIRRRRPP!*
I wonder what will happen next. We certainly can't keep cutting branches, since it obviously doesn't work and we don't want to end up with a one-sided tree.

*This is, I believe, as close to a warcry as a bird can get. It's difficult to have a warcry that strikes fear in panes of glass when all you can really do is make pleasent chirping sounds.


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