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More WALL•E stuff!

First off, a correction to the previous post. I incorrectly said the "U-Command WALL-E" was the toy that had been previewed as the "Ultimate WALL-E". It is, in fact, entirely different. The actual Ultimate WALL-E is now up for preorder, and at $200, not $40. D:

Alright, on to the other stuff. There was a WALL•E spot during an NBA game last week, featuring WALL•E playing with a basketball, followed by a short commercial. Watch it here.

Slashfilm has a new WALL•E spot, this time with a fire hydrant.

And since the preview video that was there got taken down, here's a YouTube link.

Finally, here's a new trailer, with live-action humans and introductions to some of the other robots.

And my copy of the artbook finally arrived. Yay!
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It's a bit late in the game, but I thought I'd start blogging about the various WALL•E stuff I find around the 'net. Here goes!

There's a new short, with WALL-E this time encountering a floor full of bouncy balls. See also the previous shorts, involving a vacuum cleaner (from the Super Bowl ad), a magnet, a hula hoop, and a pair of headphones. [via /film]

TeamXbox has a hands-on preview of the WALL•E video game for the Xbox 360. From their look, it sounds like it may actually be a decent movie-based video game. The release date is set for June 24.[via Upcoming Pixar]

The recently released Russian WALL•E poster looks fantastic. [via /film]

Actually, you can find images of pretty much every WALL•E movie poster over here. [via Upcoming Pixar]

An animatronic WALL•E has been making the rounds, including the streets of L.A., at the the Philadelphia Science Museum, and most recently on a local news morning show. [via Upcoming Pixar]

Thinkway Toys has a list of all its WALL•E toys. It looks like what some people were calling the "Ultimate Wall-E" is officially called the "U-Command WALL•E", which you can get from Toys'R'Us for a mere $40.

Not even WALL•E can make Crocs look good. The horrid lime green certainly doesn't help. Here's a picture, if you really must see. (For decency's sake, I refuse to link to anywhere you could purchase these atrocities.) [via Upcoming Pixar]

Here, have some WALL•E production shots, including a picture of Andrew Stanton hijacking WALL•E's treads. [via TotalFilm]

Finally, the French Disney site has a nice music video entitled "Leçons de Séduction", featuring WALL•E scenes set to the song "Love is in the Air". (You might have to scroll down and select the video from the list.)[via Upcoming Pixar]

I still don't have the art book that I preordered from Amazon, even though it's already been released. Gragh.


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