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I'm getting ready to start on the Overly Ambitious Embroidery Project, as it occurs to me that I'm terribly out of practice on stitching.  Not to mention that I haven't even tackled this sort of embroidery before.  So I think, for practice and as a sort of warm-up, I'm going to try to stitch up a copy of the Wow! signal.  It's fairly simple, being all text and only two colours, with no diagrams, so it's probably a good place to start.  It's also one of my favourite bits of astronomy history.  I was originally going to do the Pioneer plaque, but that's a tad more ambitious than I'm up to at the moment.  I'll probably do that one later.

The Project is going to have diagrams in it though for more complex things (Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion come to mind), so I'll still have to do those at some point.  But for now, I'm just going to start of with equations.

As for why I haven't started on the Project already: I wasn't very organized last semester, and I ran into a lot of unexpected issues.  But things are starting to settle now and I'm making progress on a good number of those ongoing issues.

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Very upset with a number of things today. But since most of those are political, I'll just instead mention the one about the Creeping Woo.

I have lost a great deal of respect for Borders today. Because, while browsing the Science section (my usual destination there), I saw this:
Cruddy cellphone composite image )

Back to slogging through assignments.

(slog slog slog slog sloggity slog-slog)


Feb. 12th, 2009 11:39 am
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Happy Darwin Day, everyone! Go celebrate evolution by however is appropriate! If you see a finch, shake his wing and thank him! Blow a bassoon at some earthworms! Or celebrate in the tradition of naturalists and zoologists by having a Phylum Feast and eating as many different species of meat as you can stomach! If you're feeling really adventurous, contract Chagas Disease, charactized by "dying sensations" among other things! (No, wait, don't do that.) But above all, marvel in the complexity and diversity and the all-around wonder of life, and the man who had the gall to ask!

*toots celebratory naturally selected trumpet*

Also, the BBC has a special Darwin site to browse around. (Some of the content is UK-only, though.) Anyone know any other places that are celebrating Darwin Day?


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