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I have just drank an entire pot of coffee in attempt to defeat The Headache Of Doom and am starting to feel slightly hyper. So, here are a few mostly unrelated things:

AgeMaps - A delightfully strange and creepy gallery of mashup of people at different points in their life. Like a rip in time opened up mid-photograph. Or as if they were developed during a particular bumpy TARDIS flight.

This Is Why You're Fat - Foodblogging gone horribly, horribly wrong. Deep-fried Mars bars are actually the least disgusting/bizarre foodstuffs on there. (Bacon doughnuts, what the frickative?)

AMC TV has made available the entirety of The Prisoner available online for free. (At least for Americans. Don't know if it'll work elsewhere.) I'm slowly working my way through it. It's weird and strange, just the way I like my television shows.

I have a Twitter account. As one does these days.

I am currently lusting after fountain pens and ink. It's all too expensive, though. (And I can't seem to find a local store that sells them, anyway - aside from the cheap disposable ones that only work on a few papers.)

Relatedly, I've started re-planning Kitewinds. As a novel-type story this time, instead of a comic - pretty much ignoring everything I wrote for the comic and starting from scratch. I'm mentally approaching it with the comic being a first draft. And I find I'm really wanting to write all of Morgan's parts in dark green ink. There will very likely be some color symbolism with this in the actual story.

I'm also working on other stories that I keep thinking of. Unfortunately, this means that I'm making very little progress on any of them. One involves a man named Phi and his strange adventures with the Priest-Who-Was and the Priest-Who-Wasn't-Really. And that's all I know about it, or at least all it will tell me. I think it may go somewhere, though; I keep scribbling φ in the margins of various unrelated notes.

I saw Coraline this weekend. Despite what many people have said, I'm not sold on the 3D gibberyhoo. Had a few issues with it, might write a mini-review later.

The ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive have a wonderful roundup on all the Coraline Mystery Boxes - beautiful boxes containing various production models and such sent out to fifty different blogs. Also regarding Coraline is the wonderful Koumpounophobia trailer in which Neil Gaiman delivers a delightfully creepy monolouge that may have you shivering in fear at the prospect of buttoning your coat.

I went to the library book-sale this weekend, and found a copy of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, and even better, an oversized book of Krazy Kat komiks comics. So wonderful! I nearly made a high-pitched noise of glee, but stopped as I was in a library after all.

The world needs more graphic design jokes. I may even stoop to creating some myself, although they will be horrible and punny and I may not be able to respect myself after that.

Headache Of Doom is starting to fade now. Hyperness starting to kick in. Sleep is doubtful.


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