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Reply with "INTERVIEW ME," I will ask you five questions, and you answer them in your LJ.
Here's what [ profile] julian_wilbury asked:

1) Say you were given the choice to have either amazing art skills or be an awesome writer. If you manage to choose, can you say why?

I think I'd have to go with art skills. One of my secret loves is graphic design. I don't know why, but the experience I've had with it just clicked with me. But I had to drop out of it, because I simply didn't have the artistic ability to go past a certain point. And everyone else in that field is already at least a decent artist. Same thing with 3-D modeling.

Plus, I often have a vivid imagination, and I'd like to share all the crazy mental images I get.* And every time I try to practice art skills, something in my head sees how bad it is, and screams, and I end up getting disheartened about the whole prospect for a while.

2) How do you guys feel like when you're in fandoms with a gender-tilt that works against you?

It's rather intimidating, actually. It's kept me from getting more involved with the WALL•E stuff - I nearly joined the WERP, but I got too nervous and shy. I'm just silently terrified that I'm going to weird or creepy or somesuch. (Although, I've really always had this problem. I've just never been able to talk to the opposite gender well, unless I already know the person. It's like digging a ditch with a spoon - possible, but rather intimidating.)

It's kind of like going into a fabric store to get knitting supplies. Sometimes I think I can smell the estrogen.

3) When you write, which is more fun to write: villans or good guys?

Villains are more interesting, if I manage to get one just right. Especially if they're a magnificent bastard. Those really are the most entertaining sort of villains. I haven't quite been able to do that sort of villain properly yet, although I've had a small taste and it's delicious.

That said, I think I enjoy just describing things better than actually writing characters. Especially weird things.

4) I'm sure this has happened to everyone. Is there something that got taken off the air, or companies stopped making, that you really loved and wish they didn't?

Pushing Daisies! That show deserved better. It was a beautiful, funny, engaging, visually impressive love story. Which of course meant it was doomed to be cancelled. And the final episodes aren't due to be shown until the summer! (And even that's doubtful.) There really needs to be more good love stories on TV, but that seems like a death warrant for a show.

I'm also sad that Battlestar Galactica wasn't able to pick up any more seasons, but at least it seems they're ending it properly.

5) If you had a time machine, where would you go, either in the future OR past?

(Is this the kind of time machine that goes VWORP BWRP or the cardboard box variety?) I would go visit all the old ruins, and see what they were like in their glory days. My other secret love is archaeology, and it'd be just too tempting to see Stonehenge and the Pyramids and the Greek temples and everything else in their native time. And then temporal hijinks would ensue, as no time-traveling expedition goes as planned.



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