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Yet another thing learned from Maya class - this time, just a definition.

NURBS - Nasty Unresponsive Regrettable Bastard Surfaces
And now, Important Rules of box-modeling in Maya:

1. Pray to the Gods of Boolean. They are fickle and cruel, and may not allow use of their sacred tools if you are not in their favor. If this does not work, a sacrificial goat may be required.

2. Save often. You never know when the program might crash or freeze or any other number of fun alternatives.

3. Never save to the same file. Just in case the program decides, while saving, to delete some of your objects. Just for kicks. You didn't really need the fuselage for that plane, did you?

4. Delete all history. It takes up more space than a Hummer towing a whale. Plus, excess history appears to anger the Gods of Boolean.

5. There is no "Make Cool" button. And even if there were, there'd be a 50/50 chance it would cause your computer to explode with enough force to injure a healthy rhino.

6. There is no "Make Work" button. As much as there desperately needs to be.

7. Normals are idiots. This is a sharp corner. Why the bloody bollocks are you trying to make it look smooth.

More to come as I find them. #3 was the enemy of the day today. It's tempting to go at the computer with a flaming cricket bat.


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