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So I don't really trust LiveJournal anymore.

Oh, they haven't done anything terrible, but from what bits I've seen the past few years, they're trending in a direction I don't care for. More than anything, it's the lack of communication that gets me. I don't know if it's ignorance or malice, but it just looks unfortunate.

So I decided to go ahead and get a Dreamwidth account. They seem to be in better sorts. I'll still be posting everything here as well as there, though. So this is more of a housekeeping note than anything else. Hell, I've been on this thing since 2004, and that's probably the longest any one site has kept my attention, so I guess a little change is inevitable eventually.

(Is anyone else on there or interested? Or am I just being slightly paranoid about things?)

Maybe more on this later. For now, I should get back to studying for my final final exam on Monday.

Oh, and for the record, I'm also on Twitter and Tumblr.
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Just to let you know, I'll be changing my username soonish. QUINQUEG will become EIKENBOOM. I'll explain why a bit later, but it involves foliage and me putting slightly too much importance on the value of names. It also has a bit more personal resonance.

Longer descriptive post to follow later. The headache is causing the words to swim all over. I think they are laughing at me. Some of them seem to be evolving gills. Bloop.
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General note: I've changed my MSN account. I'm now using, for those who use MSN messenger services.


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