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I have An Idea.

When I went to the graduation/commencement ceremony for my Associate's Degree back in June, we had to buy our robes instead of renting them. Which probably saved money for the college, given how cheap they were. This means, though, that I still have mine sitting in the closet. So, I thought, why not do something with it instead of letting it gather dust? I can't very well wear it around town, after all.

I'm going to Eastern Michigan this fall to start on a Physics degree. So I thought it would be nice to have some chronicle at the end of it of everything I've learned, something that I could look at in five years, when I should be on my way towards a Doctorate in cosmology or similair, and see what I've accomplished. And I've become quite a fan of cross-stitch and embroidery in the past couple years - it's a relatively simple craft that does not require much in the way of artistic ability. (Thank goodness.)

And so I had my Idea - embroidering the living crap out of this cheap graduation gown with everything I learn from here on out. And not just from classes - everything I accomplish, the interests I develop, the things I do, all these will go on there, alongside the theorems, formulas, ideas, and concepts I learn. I want to completely capture my transit through academia, starting now with being a Proper College Student.

(Yes, it took me this long to feel like a Proper Student. Maybe I'll tell the whole tale properly later, but long story short: headaches suck. N.B.: This is an understatement.)

I'll try to keep up with it, to do something every week. We'll see how it goes. The semester doesn't properly start until September, so that's probably when I'll start this project. I might post progress updates every so often. No - I will post progress updates, otherwise I'll probably stop doing it when I get stressed out.



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